Athletic Performace Education

The CPS Education System is designed to supply the client the tools that you can apply to your individual or team athletes to help them achieve their goals. Our number one goal at CPS is to empower the coach/practitioner to utilize these tools in a manner that fits within your program. We provide on-site education for your coaches and staff in a lecture and “hands-on” practical environment. While many other on-site education programs provide the information in a classroom environment, CPS firmly believes in “learning-while-doing”, allowing the clients to participate in the workouts to fully understand and grasp the concepts of high-level athletic performance.

The CPS Performance Education System includes (but is not limited to):

  • Functional Movement Assessment and Strategies
  • Methodology and Philosophy of Program Design
  • ACL Injury Reduction Strategies
  • Introduction to:
    • Movement Preparation
    • Movement Skills
    • Corrective Exercise Strategies
    • Sprint Mechanics
    • Multi-Directional Movement and Speed
  • Strength and Power Program Design
  • Mixed Method Programming for Strength and Power
  • Periodization Strategies of Program Design
  • Long-Term Athletic Development Strategies (new this year)
  • Motor Programming within LTAD design (new this year)
  • Designing Exploratory Learning Environments in Performance Athletics (new this year)
  • Methodology and Philosophy of Recovery Strategies
  • Energy System Development and HIIT Circuit Design
  • Performance Nutrition – Analysis and Application

CPS also provides on-site Performance Consultation, which allows the client to meet one-on-one with one of the CPS Performance Specialists to assist the client with all facets of elite athletic program design and implementation. We pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve their goals. Athletic system design and review is available to our clients long after our initial consultation to explore the outcomes of our consultations. At CPS, we hold the success of your program as our number one priority and continue to support our clients on a year-to-year basis.