Nulla Luctus Eleifend

CPS is dedicated to providing elite-level on site performance training for your athletes. We bring our clients the same methodology and coaching skill sets that we use on our elite level athletes and clients to help you achieve your athlete’s goals. CPS is a leader in winter and summer sports performance training and we take pride in preparing athletes to get the most out of their skills by increasing endurance, strength, flexibility and mobility. This provides the athletes with more tools to increase their performance while decreasing injury risk.

Our training methodology also includes sports psychology, nutrition and recovery techniques. These strategies will improve their overall performance and mindset on and off the field of play. CPS works with individual athletes, large and small sport teams as well as coaching staffs to provide an integrated, efficient system of athletic programming. These systems have been used successfully with the athletic populations of Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, Aria Fitness Club in Vail Colorado and The Village Fitness Center in Scottsdale AZ.

CPS’s Athletic Performance Services Include (but are not limited to):

Initial Physical Evaluations

  • Body Composition
  • FMS
  • Injury Risk Assessments
  • General/Specific Strength and Conditioning Assessments
  • Off-site VO2/Lactic Analysis
  • Facilities Assessment and Consultation
  • On-site VO2/Lactic Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment and Consultation

Individual Program Design

  • Goal based periodization program
  • Competition Schedule
  • Corrective Strategies
  • Take-Home Periodized Plan for Calendar Year

Recovery and Regeneration Strategies

  • Foam Roll and Rope Stretch PNF Techniques
  • Off-Site Hydro-therapy and Massage Consultation

Comprehensive Design & Implementation

  • Proper Warm-Ups/Mobility Training
  • General and Specific Reactive Training Techniques
    • Plyometrics, Agilities, Sprinting, Reaction
  • General and Specific Power Training
    • Olympic Lift Training, Weighted Plyometrics, Resisted Training
  • General and Specific Strength Training Techniques
  • Special Attention to “Target Areas”
    • High Injury Potential Area
    • Previous Injury Area
    • Current Rehabilitation and Pre-habilitation to Performance
  • Complete Core Training Techniques
  • Energy System Development (Metabolic)
  • Cool-Down and Recovery Techniques
  • Nutritional Consultation