CPS takes pride in providing excellent on-site support and education in addition to post-service, off-site support to all our clients.

Empowering Athletes

At CPS it is our goal to provide our clients with hands-on education and consulting in Elite Athletic Performance Strategies. We firmly believe in the value of “take-home” information for our clients. By consulting with each client individually, we empower you to learn and integrate elite level injury-reduction, resistance, movement, nutrition and recovery training strategies allowing the athlete/client can achieve their goals

Empowering Coaches

The CPS staff has years of experience in hands-on sport-specific coaching of elite summer and winter sport athletes. However, it is our firm belief at CPS that we consult, educate and assist our clients to empower them to integrate high-level athletic system design to their individual athletes or teams. At CPS we want to provide you with the tools so that you can lead your athletes to achieve their goals in sport and life.

CPS offers the following to our athlete/clients:

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Education News


CPS CEO/Founder J. Cole CSCS*D RSCC is asked to lecture at the AZ State NSCA Clinic on Talent Identification and Long-Term-Athlete-Development.


CPS CEO/Founder J.Cole CSCS*D RSCC is asked to host NSCA Webinar on Long and Short Term Periodization Strategies in Performance Programming.


CPS Performance Specialists Jason Van Heulen CSCS-D*, Patrick Borkowski MS/CSCS and CEO/Founder J. Cole CSCS/RSCC provide lecture series on NASM/NSCA athletic performance enhancement for the PT performance staff at Howard Head Sport Medicine in Vail, Colorado.